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Hubei Enshi se Bo cited more than 1300 products exhibition agreement, the total amount of 14 billion 500 million yuan

September 28th, 2016

Se expo hall crowded Xue Tingting photo    Beijing In September 27, Enshi (Xue Tingting Zhou Shiquan) in September 27th, the third world selenium selenium products (Enshi) Fair in Hubei Enshi. The meeting exhibition of more than 1300 kinds of products, has attracted more than 400 domestic and overseas merchants to come to the procurement agreement, the total amount of about 14 billion 500 million yuan. The selenium fair to the health and selenium China lead the world "as the theme for the extension on September 23rd to 30. From Britain, South Korea, Russia, New Zealand and other more than and 10 countries, the guests on behalf of customers, as well as Chinese 42 se industrial development area administrative leadership, nearly 400 enterprises participated in the exhibition of selenium products. During the exhibition, has carried out Chinese selenium industry development area, the 2016 leaders roundtable meeting, "Southern potato Internet plus selenium Industry Development Forum cum seminar on the development of Wuling mountain rural electricity supplier and the Eighth World Health Assembly health summit, the third se, fair trade negotiations and signing ceremony of famous selenium products 12 characteristics activity. Selenium products attracted a superb collection of beautiful things all merchants favor. It is reported that the selenium fair signed a joint trade, procurement, investment agreement 161 agreement, the total amount of about 14 billion 500 million yuan. Se Expo also organized a number of experts on the selection of 109 enterprises, 162 products, named "China famous selenium products" 58 "and Chinese characteristics of selenium products 63. Se Bo, also for Selenium Resources International Trade Center, the world selenium selenium Industry Standardization Association of Hubei Province, selenium Industry Association, scientific research of trace element selenium will Chinese research and application of Specialized Committee, Hubei Province Engineering Research Center of Hubei Province, selenium application technology of selenium and human health research institute was inaugurated award. (end) lifting insert

The establishment of a national carbon trading market will promote the innovation of low-carbon energy technology

September 28th, 2016 Beijing in September 26, adjustable base jack (Sun Guangjian) increased gradually with the average global temperature, climate change has become the future of human survival and development must face the problem. The Chinese government has to deal with climate change, making positive efforts, in December 2015 China in Paris climate conference solemnly declared that it will start a comprehensive carbon emissions trading market in 2017. Under the trend of energy saving and emission reduction, China's manufacturing industry low carbon development has a huge space for development. Therefore, our country is also regarded as the most potential global carbon trading market. It is predicted that the future of China's carbon market trading volume will be between 3 billion -40 million tons / year, the highest spot transaction volume is expected to reach 8 billion yuan / year, carbon futures trading, the carbon market scale will reach 400 billion yuan. But under the spotlight, problems remain to be solved. The day before, Beijing God fog group chairman of the board of directors Dr. Wu Daohong in the "2016 China carbon trading market development forum" in his speech pointed out that at present, China's energy saving and low carbon enterprise homogeneity in the technical route, technology level and other aspects of the phenomenon is serious, it causes the enterprise in not much difference between energy consumption and carbon emissions, carbon emissions standards value is too high or too low, will have a direct impact on the degree of active carbon trading market. A large area of promotion of disruptive low-carbon innovation technical efficiency, to promote the rapid development of China's carbon trading market, accelerate the pace of China in response to global climate change. He suggested that the system, policies and procedures for the upcoming national carbon trading market, also have directly stimulate and encourage the development of low carbon energy saving, the innovation of enterprise policies. Reflect on the development process China energy market in the past more than and 10 years, the greenhouse gas emission reduction has certain one sidedness, not directly mobilize the enthusiasm in energy saving, low carbon technology innovation and enterprise." Dr. Wu Daohong said, only to promote energy saving and low carbon technology innovation is the key to global climate change, this is the establishment of the original intention of China carbon trading market. In recent years, China has made remarkable achievements in carbon emissions trading pilot. In October 2011 the national development and Reform Commission approved the Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hubei and other 7 pilot carbon emissions trading, and the 2013 -2015 set for the pilot phase. As of now, Hubei carbon emissions trading center in Europe, Guangdong has become the world's third largest carbon trading market, the transaction data of ranking first in the country. According to the latest statistics show that the Hubei carbon emissions quota trading volume reached 6 million 210 thousand tons, accounting for 47% of the total cumulative; transaction amount 150 million yuan, accounting for 30% of the country's total; the average daily volume of 38 thousand tons, accounting for 56% of the country. It is worth mentioning that Beijing Shenwu group's Listed Companies — God fog environmental protection as the only one non listed state-owned enterprises, are shares of Hubei carbon emission rights trading center. In this regard, Dr. Wu Daohong said, carbon emissions trading center shares of national innovation of private enterprises in low carbon market, add more to the business activity of the carbon trading market, but also greatly encouraged the specialized enterprises engaged in energy conservation, low-carbon technology innovation confidence. It is understood that in addition to the 7 existing carbon emissions trading center, a number of domestic carbon market participation mechanism has embarked on carbon trading mechanisms were explored, and controlled drainage enterprises are gradually adapt to the market trading mechanism of carbon China, a large number of external resources also began to intervene in this area to explore business opportunities, bring the carbon trading market the reform has begun to release the bonus. shuttering magnet

Nano lubricating oil released: to create excellent brand China

September 28th, 2016

Guest photo    Beijing In September 27, 26 days, nano brand conference held in Beijing, the conference officially released on nano brand at the same time, also stressed the importance of this grand vision of cutting-edge enterprises: the next ten years, will be based on nano reduces maintenance and energy consumption, to provide quality services, to become the pioneer of the new "Chinese", and gradually build a domestic high-quality lubricating oil new ecosystem. Nano founder and executive director of the company and brand spokesperson Wang Feng Liu Chun, founder of Wu Shichun and the plum Angel venture can satisfied dealer representatives and other guests to visit the site. Nano brand by conspire Fanhai Guangzhou Energy Technology Co. Ltd. and Guangdong project to build energy-saving emission reduction technology research. Since October 2014 the brand has been founded, nano products have been radiation throughout the country of nearly 20 provinces, more than and 120 prefecture level cities. Although since the reform and opening up, China automobile oil and additives market is bristly, strong brand influence is ingrained, but to create a higher technological content, better performance, better use experience high-quality lubricating oil and additives products for China nano car users, research in the past two years has always been committed to energy saving and emission reduction technology of vehicle, and gradually build a performance and excellent reputation of the product family. According to Liu Chun introduction, nano products using the advanced proprietary core patented technology, can greatly reduce vehicle emissions and save fuel 6-13%, realize the "equal energy service" with less energy consumption, given a more powerful engine with more lasting power. While officially released in the brand, "crystal ball" series of high performance nano lubricating oil has been widely praise and trust of users, the Ministry of transport was named "national" 12th Five-Year "national key highway and waterway transportation energy saving product promotion project". Nano lubricating oil, power factor, power recovery agent, engine cleaning agent products fully unveiled the conference, so that the quality of products for the brand with technology to lay a solid foundation for the sound, to create user reputation and brand strength. With the deep in nano lubricating oil industry, and gradually formed a distributor as the core, a new era of Commercial Union and industry ecological system integration products R & D and production, mobile Internet, store management platform three resources. China early in 2009 has emerged as the world's largest automobile consumption power, oil demand accounted for the total demand in the Asia Pacific region in 46%, is the world's second largest after the oil market in the us. Imperceptibly, Chinese has become an important engine driving the global oil market growth. However, the domestic oil but has not been able to fully meet the consumer's expectations. The lubricating oil industry "stubborn" nano brand founder Liu Chun and his team standing in the era of new opportunities in front, out of the way of new China ". They believe that the "new Chinese" should have technology patents, product quality, meet the consumption upgrade and environmental protection requirements, can form a user dependent circulation of this five dimensions of value. The current global oil market is large enough to accommodate more domestic brands to participate, but to win the final victory of the battle, we must internalize technology "to create gene", depending on the quality of Evergreen Foundation, understand the change of the concept of consumption, meet the needs of the user growth, attention to sustainable environmental development concept. In order to maintain the confidence of enterprises and products. As the nano brand partner, Chinese original rock star Wang Feng said, optimistic and participate in the nano cause is because in the team who saw the courage to go ahead, excellence and harsh, "new Chinese" firm target amplification effect on the world stage. This is very similar to when he determined to make the world China original rock "of the faith. As the new "China manufacturing" sound, he is duty bound. swift lift anchors

The power crisis spread of the three major power groups a number of coal power project was canceled

September 28th, 2016

The spread of power surplus crisis The three major power groups a number of coal power project was canceled Analysts said that with the development of power overcapacity intensified, ringlock scaffolding some high cost enterprise or the first to be eliminated – reporter Li Chunlian The excess power crisis is spreading further. Recently, the National Energy Bureau to cancel the 15 do not have approved the construction conditions of the coal project, which has 9 projects involving five major power groups in Guodian, Datang and Huadian group. In fact, since last year, the problem of excess power is quite prominent, and this year of thermal power installed scale are still rising. The National Energy Bureau said, according to the situation, the next few years, China's coal industry will now become the steel and coal industry. Analysts believe that with the development of power overcapacity intensified, electricity prices will be much less competitive is eliminated, the thermal power enterprises closures or will come. The 15 coal power project was canceled "Securities Daily" reporter learned that, in September 23rd, the National Energy Board issued "on the abolition of a number of do not have notice of the approval of construction conditions of coal power project" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the abolition of 15 kilowatts, 12 million 400 thousand do not have approved the construction conditions of coal power project. These projects are located in Jilin, Shanxi, Shandong, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other provinces. Among them, there are 9 projects, involving five major power generation enterprises in Guodian, Datang and Huadian group. Guodian canceled projects up to a total of 5 projects, 6 million 500 thousand kilowatts installed was canceled, canceled 12 million 400 thousand of the total accounted for 52.4% kilowatts; 3 projects, Datang Group's installed capacity of 1 million 900 thousand kilowatts was canceled, accounted for 15.3%; 1 projects, Huadian 300 thousand kilowatts installed capacity accounted for was canceled. 2.4%. It is worth noting that, because of overcapacity in coal, coal to cancel the project or just a start. "Notice" also said that the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) to further cancellation elsewhere in the region do not have the approval (construction) condition of coal power project, timely report to the national energy board and to the public. It should be mentioned that in April this year, the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board issued "on further improving the coal industry, eliminate backward production capacity of the" notice "on the promotion of China's coal and orderly development of the notice", "on the establishment of risk early-warning system for the planning and construction of coal and coal released in 2019 planning and construction risk warning notice" 3 document. National energy secretary Nur Bekri at the meeting pointed out that in recent years China's rapid increase in the scale of coal loading machine, coal overcapacity potential risk gradually. This year is expected to add installed capacity will exceed fifty million kilowatts. According to this situation, the next few years, China's coal industry will now become the steel and coal industry. According to the above documents, will cancel the group does not have the conditions of coal power project approval. Not long ago, Zhejiang Province issued the "energy development" 13th Five-Year "plan" pointed out that no new coal-fired power projects, complete the province's existing more than 300 thousand kilowatts coal-fired generating units, public owned more than 100 thousand kilowatts coal-fired generating units, and cogeneration units with ultra low emission energy-saving transformation and upgrading, shutting down 300 thousand kilowatts coal-fired units. The industry is expected to have coal production capacity, this year and next year there will be a large number of coal power project was halted. Thermal power enterprise closures or coming In fact, from the beginning of last year, the problem of excess power has been very serious. According to CEC 2015 power industry statistics express statistics, the country and more than 6000 kilowatts of power generation equipment, the average utilization hours continue to decline, in 2015 the national average utilization hours of power generation equipment for 3969 hours, down 349 hours, is the lowest level since 1978. At the same time, by the end of 2015, the full aperture of thermal power installed a total of 990 million kilowatts, 880 million kilowatts of thermal power, coal accounted for the proportion of 89.3%, the growth rate is far greater than the installed power demand growth. Since this year the price of coal has lower power, electricity prices are not mutually profitable, weakness, competing to be launched new units to occupy the market. Until last year, the thermal power construction is still expanding. But at the same time, renewable energy increased, continued weakness in demand. The electric enterprises to the "Securities Daily" the reporter said, since coal prices fell since the thermal power unit, the relatively high rate of return, investment enthusiasm is very high electricity prices is not surprising, but also made no small contribution to pull the local GDP. Therefore, the local initiative to eliminate lack of power unit production enthusiasm is not high. Affected by the above factors, thermal power utilization rate of decline is expected to continue in the long term, overcapacity in thermal power industry may be more apparent. According to the prediction of the Milky Way securities, 2016 -2017, thermal power industry equipment, the average utilization hours were only 4007 hours and 3839 hours, the capacity utilization rate is likely to fall below 50%. Guodian group chief economist Zhang Shumin recently participated in the "top 500 enterprises China forum said, small power plants, environmental non-compliance of the power plant, does not need the government forced to close their hard running, collapse. Guodian also faces the issue of resettlement workers handling zombie companies, closures and consequent. The electricity industry analyst told the "Securities Daily" the reporter said that with the increasing of power overcapacity, is not far from the thermal power enterprises collapse days. As today's coal enterprises, some of the higher cost of small and medium enterprises or the first to be eliminated.lifting anchor

Experts say the resource type city ecological transformation should focus on "individuality" and innovation

September 28th, 2016

Beijing In September 27, Huangshi (Ma Furong) "of the many German mining sites as rich resources to shape the landscape of the region, through the protection and reuse of industrial heritage, landscape arrangement, to carry out a series of activities such as tourism, comprehensive recovery implementation of regional environment, economy and society." Tsinghua University professor Liu Boying 27, said here, the resource type city China can learn from the experience, find the road of sustainable development. The same day, the first in Hubei province (Huangshi) Expo eco Cultural Forum held. Experts around the resource-based city China how to realize the ecological transformation and other topics to discuss. Huangshi is a typical resource-based city. After a hundred years of exploitation of mining resources, ecological birth trauma. In recent years, Huangshi adhere to the ecological industry, strong city, seeking economic and social transformation and development of the road. Liu Boying believes that Huangshi and other resource type city on the basis of the German "Ruhr experience", with its own advantages to innovation, take the characteristics of the transformation of the road. In Chinese cultural relics World Heritage Research Association vice president and President Guo Zhan seems that the declaration of the world cultural heritage is an important measure of ecological transformation of resources city. The resource type city is rich in industrial heritage sites, and the inscription not only can awaken the public perception of industrial culture, can cause the effect of tourism. But Guo Zhan bluntly, the inscription to the international and domestic type city comparison, explore the heritage of personality, find the typical significance of the inscription "the tipping point". Vice president of Huazhong Agricultural University high wing said that the transformation still need to "imitate the nature", must adapt to the weather, respect the continuation of context, "Ley, man and heaven, and heaven and earth born". (end) bfd coupler

Zhejiang Yongkang Hardware Fair double force to attract customers from all over the world "gold rush".

September 28th, 2016

Beijing September 27 Jinhua Xinhua (reporter Xi Jinyan trainee reporter Li Qianqian) 26 days to 28 days, the twenty-first Chinese Hardware Expo held in Zhejiang Yongkang hot. The reporter learned that, lifting insert in addition to routine products exhibition, the exhibition also opened a net goods Festival, special online Expo online, online and offline opt force, launched a new "gold rush" hot. "The person is too much, I just can't find my companion." For the first time the Iraqi businessmen A Li surprised surprised at the hardware fair popularity, more amazing Chinese economic vitality. Located in central Zhejiang Yongkang known as "Baigong town", "hardware city" reputation. Let Yongkang Hardware world, every Yongkang people's ambition and dreams. China Hardware Expo is a showcase to the world of independent research and development platform for enterprise products in Yongkang Since 1996, every year, Chinese Hardware Expo new year, has now become one of the three major world hardware industry event. The China Hardware Expo attracted from more than and 20 domestic provinces and autonomous regions and enterprises, from Italy, South Korea, Israel and Singapore and other countries participating enterprises, and eventual qualification for participating enterprises reached 1769. In the exhibition site, the reporter saw crowds, including a group of prominent "foreign face", or visit, or purchase goods, or negotiate, looking for business opportunities. "The person is too much, I just can't find my companion." From Iraq A Li has just entered the hardware fair felt site popularity "bursting", call yourself at the height, to see their companions. A Li is here in hardware expo. In the exhibition, he saw a lot of interesting new technology products, these products will be ready to lead to his country. It is worth mentioning that, unlike in previous years, the line of hardware fair this year under the interaction more closely, in addition to the routine of exhibition activities, also opened up a special line, such as net goods section. It is reported that this year's net goods online market is still held in the independent hardware platform Chinese Technology Hardware City on. According to the introduction, is a hardware store founded in early 2015 by the Zhejiang Chinese Technology Hardware City Group Co. Ltd. under the electricity supplier industry development Co. Ltd of independent design, development, operation, is a strong Yongkang hardware industry and China Technology Hardware City market entity category rich as the support, deep integration of online and offline professional the hardware online trading platform, there are tens of thousands of enterprises, registered members about 300000. "Hardware resources abundant, commodity rich category, plus the previous two net goods festival success experience, hold the net goods section lays a solid foundation for the hardware platform is." Zhejiang China Technology Hardware City Group Electric Industrial Development Company general manager Xu Meizhen for the hardware store in the net goods is festival performance, said confidently. The twenty-first Chinese Hardware Expo opening. Photo by Li Qianqian The reporter saw in the net goods festival area, "the purchase limit", "fight", "full draw" online promotion and offline merchandise display a combination of the novel form, attracted many visitors. Many of the hardware products, interested customers directly picked up the mobile phone, to sweep the two-dimensional code, directly into the mall to buy hardware is, the whole process more efficient, fast and accurate. From Guangzhou Wu Wei (a pseudonym) is doing hardware foreign trade business, this is the first time he participated in the Yongkang net goods festival. When the reporter saw him, he had just attended the full sweepstakes activities, are dragging suitcases in the event around, stopped, picked up in front of hardware products, carefully observe. "A lot of things, very complete, let me find their most want in the shortest time." Wu Wei told reporters, he was just going to come around, take a chance, come in by the net goods festival attracted, participate in activities, it is found that a hardware store this is "treasure", the inside of the hardware goods everything, really lucky!" Wu Wei said, will be watching the net goods Festival, he went straight to the manufacturers, the on-the-spot investigation, with the fastest speed of finished goods, and a series of work orders. Xu Meizhen said that the Hardware Expo popular around the world, the hardware industry gathered here to provide a large number of people who take part in the festival for net goods, as of 26 PM 4 points, net goods Festival visit amounted to 386 thousand people, the total turnover reached 105 million yuan. In addition, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang science and technology group, China hardware electricity supplier industry development Co. Ltd's own brand – "hardware is" proprietary products also made its debut on the net goods festival. (end) bfd coupler

"By accident" interpretation "coal three -" the continuation of a strong bullish

September 28th, 2016

The commodity market opened on Monday, ledger blade is expected to take off in the black line, coking coal, by the weekend news, gainers. Analysts believe that on Friday, the NDRC and other departments from the conference to capacity determination, to dispel investors limiting policy easing concerns, so secure to rely on coal futures". As of Monday's close, the main contract rose 4.16%, coking coal, coke rose 3.33%, coal also rose more than 1%. "The capacity to stir the coal situation Recently, the coal market around the "capacity to" pocketed the gimmick. The first is the Mid Autumn Festival, the State Council launched the third national inspection: from September 18th onwards, the 20 inspection teams to various localities and departments, on the four aspects of the work of 23 key content inspection. This inspection is more around to production, to inventory, leverage, cost reduction and fill short board, steady growth and structural adjustment, the supply side reform together. "Affected by this, the market confidence improved, the supply side reform of good continuation, thus beginning the coal futures rose sharply last week." Xing futures analyst Lin Hui said the coal review. Last week, coking coal, the stock market also rose sharply, Tangshan two price rose to 1420 yuan / ton -1460 yuan / ton, Australia Jingtang coking coal spot rose to 1300 yuan / ton, due to motor load limit, Mongolia coking coal from the port shipped to Tangshan price has reached 1050 yuan / ton. However, coal prices rebounded fiercely for steel enterprises "bear": just a "good day" is the upstream steel enterprises profit substantially "eat". Steel prices under the counter, according to steel industry sources, the relevant departments to the Management Association submitted a request to increase the supply of coal file. The reason is that the stock is facing off for winter and storage to increase coal supply, increased demand, in order to ensure normal production. Subsequently, a coal special session in September 23rd the NDRC news under the influence of coal prices fell back quickly. "But in the end the meeting new policies to stabilize operation of coal futures." Xing futures analyst said coal power. "A bad response" interpretation of coal price rise not fall In fact, in September 23rd, the national development and Reform Commission announced that the start coal level in response to increasing production capacity of 500 thousand tons, the average daily output of coal in the original increase the basis of 300 thousand tons and 200 thousand tons increased again. The so-called "response", refers to a plan formulated by the national development and Reform Commission, aims to curb prices rising too fast, the response in one or two and three, when the Bohai thermal coal prices rose after the corresponding price increase, coal production capacity of 500 thousand tons, 300 thousand tons and 200 thousand tons respectively. In this regard, Lin Hui believes that a response after the start, is expected to post a supply of coal or increased; but all localities and departments to the end of November before the full completion of the annual coal production capacity to the task, then will adhere to capacity, good support for the coal market will continue. According to the arrangement, the general task of the coal industry to the production capacity is 2.5 tons, by the end of August, has completed 60% of the schedule. That is to say, there are 1 tons, which is 40% of the capacity to task. So the market interpretation of the "start a response" policy on bad. "This is the game of industry chain, the outcome of the arbitration commission." Some market participants pointed out sharply. This is perfectly explained the coal market in the face of "Monday yield intimidation" does not fall up phenomenon. Combined with the fundamentals, Lin Hui believes that the current market is still tight supply of coal resources, considering the late winter storage of coal demand support, in the current policy direction uncertain, short-term market positive support is greater than the negative impact of coal prices are still likely to rise; but the policy for the marginal impact of the coal market increase it is recommended to wait and see. Reporter Zhang Lijing swivel coupler

The carbon market quota allocation next month to start the final sprint

September 27th, 2016

A unified national carbon market has entered the sprint period before the start of preparations". 2016 Chinese "forum on the development of carbon trading market economic information daily" reporters from September 24th to 25 held that, after the pre touch family property and capacity building, BFD coupler carbon emissions quota allocation work is expected to start in October, and completed in the first half of next year. At the end of operation stage before 2020, will lower the threshold for expansion, and carbon tax, the relevant departments are studying to start the preparatory work for the carbon tax. In 2013, the national development and Reform Commission approved, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Hubei, Guangdong and Shenzhen and other seven provinces to carry out pilot carbon trading. It is understood that, as of December 2015, seven pilot carbon trading market a total of more than 2 thousand enterprises and institutions, issued the total quota of about 12 tons, the cumulative turnover of more than 48 million tons of carbon dioxide, the cumulative turnover of over 1 billion 400 million yuan, the market price of 12 to 130 yuan / ton of carbon dioxide fluctuation. "The Guangdong carbon emissions trading market platform construction is good, but the current volume shrinking, prices from 60 yuan per ton dropped to 20 yuan, paid auction is not so positive." Zhongshan University research center of earth environment and resources director Zhou Yongzhang said, the problem behind the first carbon verification is too loose, pile up in excess of requirement. At the same time, the trading platform and directly controlled discharge of enterprises linked to the game, the lack of intermediate link buffer. In addition, too much government intervention. The carbon market construction to promote market-oriented means to achieve emission reduction targets were high hopes. The December 2015 UN climate conference held before, China clearly is scheduled to start in 2017 the national emissions of carbon trading system, the first phase will cover the petrochemical, chemical, building materials, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, electric power, papermaking, aviation and other key enterprises emissions, consumption of 10 thousand tons and above threshold in coal. According to reports, the new energy vehicles will be included in the carbon market quota management. "From 2014 to the end of this year, is the preparation stage of the carbon market, mainly to develop complete national carbon emissions trading laws and regulations and related rules, technical standards, verification of historical data submitted to the organization, capacity building initial quota allocation scheme and the place to carry out the corresponding research at present, the country has nine carbon trading center." Jiang Zhaoli, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission on climate change secretary said. According to the current idea of the carbon market by two division mode, is the central level to determine the total emission quantity and quota allocation method, the provincial level specific allocation, performance monitoring, in addition to the new energy vehicles, the distribution of free quota provinces retain certain rights. The current quota free allocation using reference line and historical strength decreased by two kinds of methods, mainly in the spot. According to reports, after the pre touch family property and capacity building, carbon emissions quota allocation work of national development and Reform Commission in October will launch a national carbon market this year, the first quarter of 2017 or the two quarter to complete, start running. After 2020 is the second stage of the national carbon market, which improve and expand stage, expand in the enterprise scope and transaction products, diversified trading mode development. The sewer to expand the scope of the eight industry, lowering the threshold to the annual consumption of 5000 tons of standard coal. At the same time we are working with relevant departments to actively study the carbon tax start preparatory work, which means that the carbon tax without adding carbon emissions trading enterprises." Jiang Zhaoli said, hope that after 2020 the free quota allocation with reference line method, and the futures trading varieties into the carbon market. At present, the domestic pilot carbon price of about 15 to 30 yuan / ton. The national development and Reform Commission preliminary estimates, in the long run, 300 yuan / ton carbon price is really can play a guiding role of low-carbon green price standard. If the average price of standard to measure the carbon current seven pilot areas, the national carbon market trading scale may reach 1 billion 200 million to 8 billion yuan. If you consider the carbon futures into the carbon market, the scale will be enlarged to 60 billion to 400 billion yuan. Reporter Wang Lu lifting socket

Railway axle decoration: protect the train safety people walking (Photos)

September 27th, 2016

Beijing In September 26, Fuzhou (Zhang Wenrao handsome) in Fujian Province, Fuzhou East depot repair large library, there is a group of people to ensure the smooth and safe running of railway freight train and work hard, they are walking the train safety care – railway axle renovation work. The train runs on tracks, to run fast and steady and safe, the key depends on the quality of maintenance of wheelset." Axle repair workshop decoration workers Liu Ying said, axles, wheels, wheel bearing is composed of three parts, and the axle decoration work is on the three major parts of precision inspection fine repair, and to ensure excellence, to comply with the wheel (bearing) technology and technical standards, so as to make the train run fast and stable and safe. Fuzhou East depot axle renovation work in hard work. To the handsome photo In the maintenance of the assembly line, a qualified wheelset maintenance process (bearing) complex, first with the back wheel bearing bearing unloading machine will have trouble shirk down from the wheel, then the range of medical testing wheel by a wheel shaft microcomputer control automatic ultrasonic testing machine, then the wheel wheel CNC lathe for machining of rotary the surface scratches, bumps, partial grinding uneven cut healing, and then use the bearing pressing machine will be re qualified bearing pressing up, also used to check in micro control double station bearing grinding machines. Maintenance workshop director Zhang Jianming said, every essential maintenance link. The inspection job, Yang Zhixue just a key operation equipment will automatically set feeding, spray liquid, magnetizing steps in auxiliary ultraviolet light source, then the naked eye observation of magnetic suspension aggregation can clearly determine the metal surface of the whole wheel there is no crack. Next, the wheel (bearing) check repair surface worn and damaged the wheel. "Good repair wheel on both sides of wheel diameter difference of not more than 1 mm, roughness not larger than Ra25 micron, but this technology has a high standard of living." Responsible for the work of the wheelset turning lathe operator Lin Dajun said. Fuzhou East depot axle renovation work in hard work. To the handsome photo He must be the wheel in position, then the input in CNC operation box display wheel turning reference point, axis, wheel size, cutting data, and then click the OK button, the lathe automatically according to the pre programmed procedures for the processing of rotary cutting wheel; good to ensure the wheel (bearing) the quality of the assembly requirements, will be renovated to run after the experiment can be qualified using loading. In recent years, Fuzhou East depot has been adhering to the "quality policy and tooling processes, ensuring quality, quality safety". As of 2016 September, Fuzhou East depot this year to a total overhaul of pressing bearing 10477 sets, to make a positive contribution to ensure the safety of railway freight transport. (end) ringlock scaffolding

Chinese will release the deep processing of coal upgrading demonstration "13th Five-Year" planning

September 27th, 2016

In 2016 Chinese international coal chemical industry development forum, the national energy administration supervision director Li Ye before the "Upgrade Demonstration" 13th Five-Year "plan" has been developed to complete the deep processing of coal, will be released in the near future. Li Ye said in an interview with reporters, the planning includes 14 will be in the "13th Five-Year" during the demonstration project started about 25 reserve project. According to reports, the plan covers coal oil, coal and natural gas, low rank coal utilization, five aspects of comprehensive utilization of coal and coal and petroleum chemicals. Li Ye said, this is our country for the deep processing of coal upgrading demonstration issued special planning for the first time, planning will be put forward in terms of technology and emission requirements for demonstration projects. He said: "coal accounted for China's energy status over a considerable period of time will not change radically. The development of coal chemical industry in China, there is a central requirement, market demand, business demands, the pursuit of technology." Deputy director of the Ministry of information industry and raw materials industry division, said Pan Aihua, "13th Five-Year" period China will adhere to the maintenance of national energy security and diversification of the supply of raw materials of the general idea, based on the existing demonstration projects, focus on upgrading demonstration work. Pan Aihua said, "13th Five-Year" during the period of China will promote innovation, steady development and upgrading demonstration, product differentiation and high-end, optimize the industrial layout in total control, close to raw materials and markets, modern coal chemical project will park, our country will be combined with a road with a "strategic support enterprise" go out". Pan Aihua said that the current modern coal chemical industry in China facing the blind development, project planning, the homogenization of serious shortage of water resource more obvious problems and environmental pressure etc.. According to reports, there are many in the planning and preparatory work for the modern coal chemical project. The 53 coal to olefins project, the total production capacity of 33 million tons; coal oil project 7, the total production capacity of 13 million 900 thousand tons; coal gas project 18, the total production capacity of 74 billion cubic meters; ctmeg projects more than ten, the total production capacity of 4 million 700 thousand tons. President Gu Zongqin Chinese petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute said, in the impact of low oil prices, coal chemical project profit pressure, the coal chemical industry in China has entered the stage of climbing over the ridge. As of May 2016, China's coal to olefins, methanol to olefins, coal oil, coal gas and coal to ethylene glycol production capacity was 5 million 900 thousand tons, 4 million tons, 2 million 580 thousand tons, 2 million 550 thousand tons and 3 billion 100 million cubic meters. China petroleum and chemical industry association president Li Shousheng said, "in 13th Five-Year during China's macro-control should not relax on the modern coal chemical industry, we must adhere to the model first, and improve the management, technology and investment efficiency Upgrade Demonstration requirements. He believes that the modern coal chemical industry development must be a major breakthrough in the high-end technology, to make the "coal head" and "tail" of the two major advantages of more mature. In the green and sustainable development, our country should be established as soon as possible waste water and gas and solid waste emissions standards, a breakthrough in high salinity wastewater and CO2 emission by technical constraints, establish a strict system of supervision of environmental protection. Li Shousheng said: "the carbon tax is represent the general trend, will have a significant impact on the coal chemical industry." It is predicted that by 2020, China's coal oil, coal gas, coal to olefins, aromatics coal and coal to ethylene glycol production will be respectively 800 to 10 million tons, 20 billion cubic meters, 16 million tons, 1 million tons and 6 million tons. Reporter Liu Yanan Zhou Yuran bfd coupler

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